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FR Bib Overalls


When you deal with adverse environments on a regular basis, you understand the importance of high-quality flame resistant clothing. FR clothing is meant to provide that extra level of protection, particularly when you are around fire. Rasco FR Workwear has taken FR clothes to the next level with flame retardant overalls. These FR bib overalls do so much more than the average pair of overalls.

For one, these overalls are lightweight at 10 oz., offer NFPA 2112 protection that is UL Classified, ASTM F1506 UL Classified, NFPA 70E Compliant, plus feature a Category 2 Hazard Risk rating. There are no comparable FR bibs on the market when it comes to reliability. Along with rest of the FR clothing at Rasco, these flame retardant overalls are tough enough to meet the everyday oil field and gas production requirements. That said, it’s the light, yet durable, comfortable fit of our products that set Rasco apart from the rest.

These overalls offer a chap style double front to go with multiple utility and tool pockets, double chest pockets with a snap closure, and two lined front pockets with coin pocket on the right side. Keep in mind that we also offer FR insulated quilt-lined overalls made for and trusted by those in electric utility, petrochemical, and welding professions.

Rasco FR Workwear continues to set the standard for FR clothing, including flame retardant overalls. We strive to ensure that those wearing our products are kept completely safe while on the job and out of harm’s way. Even if your team consistently deals with electric arc flash and flash fire hazards, Rasco can provide the most reliable protection.  

Don’t go another day without the right protection. With Rasco, you get affordable, high-quality FR clothing that you can feel confident knowing will last for years. Shop Rasco FR Workwear today.