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Women's FR

Gone are the days when women were unable to find quality fire resistant clothes. At Rasco FR Workwear, we understand that men’s and women’s bodies are designed differently. That said, the same clothing doesn’t fit everyone correctly.

Rasco recently came out with a specific line of women’s fire resistant clothing. From jeans to shirts, nobody offers the variety of flame resistant apparel that Rasco provides. Customers will find that Rasco has everything required to not only stay safe in adverse environments, but to also stay comfortable. For years, Rasco has been changing the game in terms of FR clothing. Gone are the days when fire resistant clothes were uncomfortable, and quite frankly, unbearable.

Made with 100 percent cotton, our women’s fire resistant clothing is made with 100 percent and feature heat resistant button down snaps to protect from burns. That’s not all, though. Because Rasco goes the extra mile when considering those wearing the flame resistant apparel, each shirt has sleeve vents that allow airflow without relaxing the long sleeve standard.

Our women’s fire resistant clothing may be heavy-duty, but the material is also incredibly breathable for an easy fit. All of the products available through Rasco are tough enough to meet the daily requirements for those working in the oil and gas industries.

Are you in need of fire resistant pants? Our women’s fire resistant clothing line features khaki work pants and jeans that come in a range of waist sizes. Whichever pair of pants you choose, know that your new flame resistant apparel includes a relaxed pant leg opening to fit perfectly over the standard work boot.

Rest assured that Rasco FR workwear is compliant with all current safety standards, including NFPA 70E, NFPA 2112, ASTM F1506, while also maintaining a Hazard Risk Category 2 rating.  

Shop Rasco for fire resistant clothes and feel at ease with our 120 percent best price match guarantee.